PROMPT team at Euroanaesthesia in Vienna

Team members of the subproject PROMPT meet at Euroanaesthesia 2019 in Vienna.
PROMPT consortium members as well as colleagues from hospitals that participate in the PROMPT NIT-1 study are kindly invited to join the PROMPT meeting at Euroanaesthesia. Read More…

IMI-PainCare at IASP in Boston

The 17th World Congress on Pain will take place from September 12-16, 2018 in Boston. Several consortium members will present and there is booth organised by us. Your are welcome to drop by!

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Public-private partnership tackles major challenges in the care of pain patients

To improve the care of patients with acute or chronic pain, a consortium from academia, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pain societies, patient organizations and pharmaceutical industry launched the research project “IMI-Pain Care – Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain” on 1st April. The consortium strives to develop a toolbox that can streamline the research and development process for novel analgesic drugs and improve treatment quality in clinical practice. The project comprises three sub-projects across all phases of the pharmaceutical value chain – from early research to clinical practice – addressing major challenges in the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain in a complementary manner. It is anticipated that tools will be validated that will allow patient stratification and enrichment as recommended by the recent EMA/CHMP/970057/2011 guideline on pain treatment. Read More…